VRGEN moves you

Virtual reality content enhanced with motion-controlled seating,
and 3D audio, that can be delivered worldwide.

VRGEN entertains you

We produce premium VR content. Go ahead and press play.

VRGEN thrills you

Modular units that integrate VR headsets and powerful PC computers with motion-controlled seating,
3d audio and atmospherics.


Motion controlled seating

Makes you feel like part of the action

PC with powerful processors

A small form factor that packs a punch

Tethered HMD

For full immersion


To increase immersion

VRGEN can help you

Our products and services can be tailored to your unique needs.

VRGEN is here to serve you.


VR Content

VRGEN produces outstanding VR content experiences for domestic and international markets. Customers have the option of commissioning unique content or licensing existing content.



VRGEN offers modular free standing units that integrate VR headsets and small but powerful PC’s with motion-controlled seating, and atmospherics.



VRGEN offers outstanding customization and customer support.

You guys are onto something here


It was great and no motion sickness.


excited to see what you come up with


VRGEN likes to meet new people

Please contact us to discuss the future of VR, to book an on-site demo, or to learn more about how we can help you

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